What is ASIB?


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ASIB is an organisation serving all IB schools in Sweden. The schools share a common philosophy and work in accordance with IBOs framework with regard to content and assessment.

IBOs education is divided into four programmes:

Primary Years Programme (PYP) Age Group 3-12 years
Middle Years Programme (MYP) Age Group 12-16 years
Careers Related Programme (CP) Age Group 16-18 years
Diploma Programme (DP) Age Group 16-18 years

In Sweden, there are 37 schools fully authorised by the IBO to carry out IB programmes: 10 offer the PYP, 13 offer the MYP, 29 offer the DP and 2 offer the CP. At present, 3 of these schools are “full continuum” schools – meaning that they offer education for children from the age of 3 or 4 (PYP) up to young adults, aged 19 or 20 (DP or CP).

The members of ASIB meet once a year to discuss common issues. ASIB has no employees as such but rather an idealistic working committee. Assignments circulate among the schools.

What does ASIB do?
ASIB’s goals are to:

  • ensure that the IB programme offers a good and acknowledged alternative to the national programmes
  • increase internationalism in Sweden
  • increase co-operation between IB schools in Sweden
  • work towards a good and fair assessment of IB grades related to applications to Swedish universities and university colleges
  • submit any proposials in the event of any changes in the national programme, University Chancellor (Universitetskanslerämbetet )(UKÄ) and to the Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitet och Högskolerådet)
  • act as a referring body for IBO in questions wich affect IB schools in Sweden
  • act as a resource for schools interested in starting an IB programme.

ASIB Constitution

ASIB can also be found on Facebook.