2020, December 20
Annual General Meeting (online)

1. Election of Chairman for the meeting
2. Election of Secretary for the meeting
3. Election of two members to approve the minutes
4. Registration of Electors
5. Ratification of the Agenda
6. Motion from the election officers to propose 3 new board members to commence board membership in January 2021.
7. Election of the new board members
8. Motion from the chair to propose election officers for next annual meeting
9. Ratification of the annual report
10. Miscellaneous business
ASIB biannual meeting rescheduled to April 2022 to allow for f2f meeting
11. Closing of the AGM and programme-specific questions

2020, September 15

Due to covid restrictions Annual General Meeting (AGM) to now be held online, see message / link from ASIB board.

2017, October 23

Annual General Meeting

The Annual Meeting of ASIB is held during the AEM Global Conference in the hague. All members are invited.

Friday 27th October 17.00-18.00, Regional Conference, Oceania Room, World Forum, Churchillplein 10, 2517 JW, The Hague, Netherlands