2021, March 23.

ASIB is always happy to welcome new schools into the IB-fold and it was frustrating for us to see that a respected Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, published an article riddled with errors concerning this new IB school. As such, we felt it only correct that ASIB should correct the factual inaccuracies within the article.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to Dagens Nyheter,

ASIB letter to DN

2018, June 21.

Universitets- och Högskolerådet (UHR) has proposed changes to the conversion-table for IB Diploma points when applying for University in Sweden in April 2018.  It is a slight improvement to the current conversion, however ASIB has responded to the proposal arguing that different methods for evaluating IB Diploma points are needed for a fully fair treatment of IB students.

The new proposal and ASIB’s response are attached here:

UHRs föreskrifter 20131 förslag till ändring bilaga 3 och 5

Konsekvensutredning 2013_1

Svar på remiss 4.1.2-00371-2018

The decision from UHR will be made public on the 1st of July.


The current conversion table can be found here:–from-2014-or-later-/Tariff-calculation-/

Here is the report from UHR about the first admission period with the new conversion scale – the intake of students with an IB Diploma was 85% compared to 86% the year before. (For students applying with Swedish National Diplomas the numbers were 77% in 2017 and 75% in 2016):