Universitets- och Högskolerådet (UHR) has proposed changes to the conversion-table for IB Diploma points when applying for University in Sweden in April 2018.  It is a slight improvement to the current conversion, however ASIB has responded to the proposal arguing that different methods for evaluating IB Diploma points are needed for a fully fair treatment of IB students.

The new proposal and ASIB’s response are attached here:

UHRs föreskrifter 20131 förslag till ändring bilaga 3 och 5

Konsekvensutredning 2013_1

Svar på remiss 4.1.2-00371-2018

The decision from UHR will be made public on the 1st of July.


The current conversion table can be found here:–from-2014-or-later-/Tariff-calculation-/

Here is the report from UHR about the first admission period with the new conversion scale – the intake of students with an IB Diploma was 85% compared to 86% the year before. (For students applying with Swedish National Diplomas the numbers were 77% in 2017 and 75% in 2016):